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Guaranteed by the OPA for a 20yr. Contract (1)

If you want to make the most of the $0.802/kWh Solar MicroFIT program offered by the Ontario Power Authority, come and speak with the pros. Our associates can find the equipment to suit your needs and your budget.

Ask us how MicroFIT can fit into your portfolio.

After you've made your initial investment back you can enjoy the financial rewards of your choice while actively contributing to the growing electrical demand in Ontario.

Equipment and the OPA MicroFIT Contract can also become a part of the resale value of your home.


10+ Years Experience

Our in house installation team can bring your solar installation the reliability and energy yield to earn back every cent you invested.

FIT = Feed In Tariff

  • Financial Incentives
    Make money with your existing roof, or our groundmount racks.
  • Valuable Investment
    The value of your panels will increase over time.
  • Scalable Installations
    More panels, more money - Upgrade now or on renewal.
  • Commercial, Residential, and Farm Installation
    Even Schools, Churches, and XYZ Qualify